How do I find crashed project (answered: there isn't)?

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  • Hey everyone. Funny situation. Worked in IT for 18'ish years and have always emphasized to users that they need to save docs, files, projects constantly (leaning towards the cloud). Was working on a game for 4+ hours yesterday in Construct 3 when I realized I hadn't saved in a while. Selected "save" and browsed to a folder I created in Dropbox. Hit ok and in a second, Construct closed out and just like magic, 4+ hours of my life went poof.

    So, is there any chance, somewhere in Construct there is a place where unsaved data goes if the app closes down unexpectedly? I'm thinking something similar to MS Word sometimes saving a doc as a tmp file that you can get back.

    Figured I would ask before I started over. I was able to recreate the issue by opening Construct, starting a new project and saving it immediately to the same Dropbox folder which caused Construct to shutdown again.

  • .....and I guess that means there is no way to recover it. Sometimes the answer is no but I appreciate the confirmation.

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  • Construct has an auto save/backup system, but that needs to be turned on first. You can find it under setting, scroll down a bit.

    Doesn't help now but migh help for the future :/

  • Thanks friend! Guess what I'm enabling "now".

    Beats me trying to remember to save every few minutes on my own.

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