How do I find out what the arcade.json file is?

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  • I tried to publish my game to the arcade but when I tried to upload the .zip file, it said the root directory of the zip file was missing the "arcade.json" file. Well, that's true. There is no arcade.json file in the root folder.

    Does anyone know what this file does and how I can get one?

    Thanks, Jim


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  • Hi Jim,

    My guess is that you propably try to upload a game exported for HTML platform. So a version to be uploaded to a regular website.

    For the Arcade you need to export the game using a dedicated export option - Scirra Arcade. When you export and choose the platform, just need to select Scirra Arcade. It's in the first category (Web), same as regular HTML export.

    But I agree it would be nice if it's clearly noted on the Scirra Arcade website ;-)

    Best regards,


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