How do I find animation image points by name?

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  • My sprite animations have multiple image points representing different things, like hit box locations and where to spawn explosion sprites. The IPs are consistently named (e.g. impactPoint, explosionPoint). But the IPs vary with different instances / animations and only exist on certain frames.

    I'm looking to implement logic like:

    if (animation frame has image point "imagePointName")

    do something at image point "imagePointName"

    However, I don't see a way to find/identify IPs by name, only by number. And this doesn't work since the number isn't tied to the IP name. E.g., depending on the number of IPs in the individual frames, on frame 1 the "explosionPoint" may be IP 1, but on frame 2 the "explosionPoint" may be IP 2.

    Thoughts on how to achieve what I'm looking to do?

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  • The first part, the condition, should be based on something to do with the object like a variable or setting. The second part you can make happen at the image point by name. Instead of checking if such an image point exists it should be more general in terms of object type like if they are supposed to have a gun then spawn a gun at image point "gun" for example.

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