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  • I keep getting a strange error on my final build, where it says the build failed.

    It lists a screen-length list of info, saying one of the builds was successful but there are a bunch of build configurations that simply say "no source" scattered amongst even more that say they're up to date, and ":app:compiledebugJavawithJavaC FAILED 27 actionable tasks: 27 executed" at the bottom. It's for an android app we're trying to get on the app store. The lesser version of it is currently there - Overwrite - but we're having trouble exporting the version that has the story mode caked into it and it is suddenly throwing errors. We've already been bumping into the size limit and had to delete a fair amount of stuff from the project, but I don't know what I should even be looking for because I don't know why this isn't exporting.

    I'll post a screen grab in a comment below.


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  • I have same problem

  • OK!

    So it has something to do with IAP. Not sure what exactly but we're working with this further and for now we're happy to be getting the story mode out quickly so IAP is going to be something we come back to in the next release. To those above - if you figure out what in your IAP coding was causing that issue, please do post about it!

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