I have a few queries, Please help me good people!

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am new in Construct world & enjoying it a lot!

    A lot than my regular day job honestly :P

    So i've been creating a game and need your help guys.

    Here are a few pointers!

    1. I want to add a gameover screen which says use diamonds/coins to continue or watch an ad to continue.. currently my gameover screen can restart the game

    2. I added a checkpoint but its not working

    3. I want to add a shop which sells coins and extra players

    4. Also my player collects diamonds but they are just in game. How can i store them.. like when players comes in game again. they have a particular amount of diamonds.

    5. I have a level screen which has 8 levels shown currently. As you play the level unlocks. How can i add more buttons.. like a scrollable page which has 'n' numbers of levels.

    Thanks in advance kind people!

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  • Hey,

    These points are a bit too vague and can be tackled very differently depending of the exact functionality you have.

    On this website under learn there are tutorials you can check as well as the documentation.

    In case you have more specific problems feel free to ask.

    I hope that helps :)

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