FB Instant Leaderboard. How to access players profile pics using (.LeaderboardPlayerPhotoURLAt) ???

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  • Hey fellow devs, I am in process of releasing my first game on facebook instant but I am heavily stuck on leaderboards. I have already figured out the score and name thanks to the Construct forums, but I cant seem to get the profile pics of the people on the leaderboard.

    "InstantGames.LeaderboardPlayerPhotoURLAt " as it doesn't take number or string as the parameters .

    ( construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/general-discussion-7/fb-instant-games-leaderboard-133334 ) I have already been through this whole thread but unfortunately all the links to the solutions are expired/deleted.

    So please if someone has already successfully implemented the leaderboard pics in fb instant, kindy share your solution/ events.

    It would be a great help to us and we will be more then grateful for that. I am stuck on this thing for past 3 days, i am willing to share my code if needed.


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  • -> leaderboard_Image: Load image from str(InstantGames.LeaderboardPlayerPhotoURLAt(LoopIndex)) (Keep current size, cross-origin anonymous)

    'LoopIndex' is the index value of the current loop iteration

    Here is some other item you can get from InstantGames Leaderboard:

    -> sf_leaderboard_userRank: Set text to InstantGames.LeaderboardRankAt(LoopIndex)

    -> sf_leaderboard_userName: Set text to uppercase (InstantGames.LeaderboardPlayerNameAt(LoopIndex))

    -> sf_leaderboard_userScore: Set text to InstantGames.LeaderboardScoreAt(LoopIndex)

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