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  • I cant quite wrap my head around this. To give a brief explanation, I have a dialog with buildings in it.

    The player selects what building they want to place. After selection I create the family object and it should stick to the mouse.

    This is currently not working, all the buildings are under the family Subteranian.


    1) When created does that create the building as a separate instance of that object?

    2) Am I able to move just a single of these instance by using the event shown in the image, or will I need to have a seperate action for each building?

    3) Say I were to create a new building and move it under that family does that mean every instance of that object in the family move. So for instance I have already placed a building of the same type and I go to move that object that was just created will that move the original one placed as well?

    I just cant wrap my head around this. I am new to construct. I am coming from a programming background but I dont want to code anymore and I am enjoying construct. If you need the project let me know and I will upload it. Thank you.

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  • Ok so I answered some of my questions. I was able to get one building following the mouse. Then when I go to place another the first placed building follows the mouse as well. Im not sure the best way to approach this then.

  • Ok I finally figured it out, I am now using the UID of the family member selected then am able to place that object. Hopefully this helps out anyone trying to do the same thing

  • It's about picking in Construct, as long as you have picked the instance of Family you want then it will use that one for the actions. UID is one of the ways to pick a specific instance if you have it, can also do with 'on created' 'on clicked' etc

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