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  • I'm getting this error today and I'm not able to preview the project or any layout. I tried to reload and didnt work

    "Failed to start preview. Try reloading C3 before trying again"

  • Try pressing F12 and check for a more detailed error in the browser console.

    Clearing your cache and reloading Construct may help.

  • Didnt work. Something happened when i tried to save my project last night

    An [X] appeared in place of the layout the C3 crashed and i started getting this error

  • An [X] appeared in place of the layout the C3 crashed and i started getting this error

    That sounds like a graphics driver crash, rather than a problem with Construct specifically. Try installing any available software updates for the system.

  • Already tried.

    I managed to open and run a previous version. I was also able to run the kiwi story. both worked normally

    I think there's something corrupt in my file. I'm starting to panic hahah

  • The eis a way to ''undo'' modifications without the ''undo'' button in the engine?

    or the only way is to upload a previous version??

    I think i lost my current project


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  • I don't want to rub salt in the wound, but the official response is most likely to be the importance of keeping backups and saving progress periodically. We all learn the hard way.

  • I'm literally laughing so I don't cry

    well the lesson was learned i guess

  • I found a nwjs of my current project. There is a way to open it in the construct 3 ?

  • If you have a Construct project that cannot open or cannot preview, you can send it to me and I can try to recover it. But I can't guarantee anything will be recoverable. Any kind of software/hardware failure, fire, flood, theft etc. can cause loss of work, so backups are critical for any kind of digital work you do.

    Exported projects cannot be opened in Construct. In fact we have done work to deliberately make that difficult, as many people are concerned about people stealing their work or reverse-engineering their games.

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