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  • I have a sprite (Countdown) with three frames 0/1/2 that have three numbers for a countdown 3,2,1, plus a background graphic (CountdownBackground) that that overlays the rest of the layout.

    When the Play button is pressed, CountdownBackground appears and the system is told to wait for 3 seconds while the following happens...

    • Countdown is set to visible
    • Animation frame is set to 0 (displaying 3)
    • Fade out time is set to 1 second
    • Fade starts
    • repeat for 2 and 1

    However, CountdownBackground does appear and the system does wait for 3 seconds - but the Countdown sprite never appears, fades out or reappears with the next animation frame.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Bootfit

    First of all, you have the Fade on the Countdown sprite Enabled and set to Destroy on fade out, so it's fading out and getting destroyed before you press play. Uncheck Enable and Destroy.

    Secondly, you should put a Wait 1 second after each Fade Start, rather than Wait 3 seconds at the end, as it does the actions in order and all you'll see is a 1 fading out

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  • Spot on - thank you

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