Facebook plugin in C3 is not working

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  • Hello everyone,

    If someone managed to use this plugin, I beg you for help.

    First, i already have the facebook developer account with a correct app id, is open to the public, it has my hash key too.

    On c3, with the facee app id, i have this events ( i tried with different kind of facebook event and actions,this is just 1 example):

    [quote:5si6c5qt]event :On touched object

    subevent: Facebook (is user logged in) : Promp wall post or publish link

    subevent: Facebook (X is user logged in): Log in(permissions:"public profile,publish_actions,user_games_activity")

    On my android im not getting any kind of wall post or thelog in option...

    And on my computer im receiving a message Not Logged In: You are not logged in. Please login and try again.

    Tried searching on google and the solutions did not work , for example the Valid oauth links, added the https://facebook.com/login/ and my app link in google play, and the package name of my app.

    Is a bug on the log in action, or i did something wrong?

    Thanks you for any kind of help.

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  • please i do not know if is a bug or i did something wrong..

  • 1. When you say you have applied a hash key, it sounds like you have configured your app in FB to a Android app. The C3 plugin is for web usuage, not native android.

    Try to create the FB app as a web app instead.

    2. Currently FB is reviewing/rebuilding their platform, and I am not sure they let new apps into the Login functionality (with all those permissions) without searching approval. And I do not think they let anyone in atm.

    Try to just create a new project in C3, and only try the Facebook log in-log out functionality, with minimum of permissions. after you get it to work, try to implement it into your (google) app.

  • Hi fredriksthlm

    You are saying that i cant click an object ( with actions promp wall post,or pusblish link or log in to share my app) inside my game in android??

    I used the hash key because facebook need it now for log in in your game through facebook app, for example, the button share in the game..

  • Hi fredriksthlm

    You are saying that i cant click an object ( with actions promp wall post,or pusblish link or log in to share my app) inside my game in android??

    No, I didn't say that.

    I just said the plugin is for web. it is not an android native plugin.

  • fredriksthlm

    Hi again, did you made a game with a facebook share button?

    I want to know if cocoon plugins for share through facebook app on android are still working ( with the Oauth redirect link)... I am new on this, and i did just 1game on C3 with their default plugins.

  • I am not sure if cocoon even has any plugin for C3.

    But if you just want to share via facebook, you do not need all those permissions you talk about. you do not even need any login.

    I think the built in C3 plugin works fine. But you will need to set it up for Web in FB, not as android. You cannot ask for all those permissions either since you will need approval from facebook nowadays for any more permissions than public_profile... And I believe ALL fb reviews are closed down atm.

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