How do I extract data using AJAX.lastdata?

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  • sorry, in new on using AJAX, JSON, Xampp stuff. and i still learning on using it...

    i have this .json

    i tried to extract only partial data on "data" ones.. which is "user_id","user_number", and "status"

    my current code is this simple... i just want to make sure i can store the data, that i want to extract from, so i just send it to text to see

    since im using Xampp, its using http:// while construct 3 using https:// (for some reason even i run in localhost/..., its still not able to run on debug-mode in construct 3)

    thank you,

    i searching some guides and most of them using...

    on the top of data... so shoould i use it too? by replacing? the top of my "data" ?

    thank you

  • i think i got it... please fix me if i'm wrong...

    i need just to use this type of command?


  • now i think i got problem that probably because of wired stuff that i tried to do...

    i make an instant json with JSON.toBeautifiedString

    then encode with binary like this...

    before there is this parse and ajax.last data... its always base64 of any my JSON...

    but after i use AjAX.lastdata + JSON.parse my binary seems base 64 that ones...

    any idea how to "clear" this problem?

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  • found it... i just need to put this after i extract data... so the parse get cleared...

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