Exporting and testing on Android device...

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  • After developing my game on my Mac and testing on my iPhone I've finally gone over to the dark side and bought an Android phone to test on.

    For my iOS export I do a build in PhoneGap and drop the .ipa onto my phone via iTunes. Obviously I can't do that on my Android phone, plus I've not set up a Play Store dev account so have no signing keys to use via PhoneGap, so my question is how do I download/export from Construct to then open as an app on my Android phone?

    I've also downloaded Android Studio - Can I import the exported files into this and compile/build my exported files and drop the app on my phone via this? If so can someone give me a step-by-step guide on how to do this?

    Thanks all

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  • Sorry folks - just realised I'd posted a similar question a couple of weeks back. Ignore this.

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