When exporting an Executable, Windows Defender stops the program from starting. Any solution?

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  • Hello,

    when i export a program via nw.js as an executable *.exe program, my windows defender will always stop it from working... while you can manually override it, i think it would stop many users from using the software. Has anyone a solution for this? How does so many people get their games on Steam without having this issue?

    I am not a programmer, so it would be great if anyone can help.

  • Does no one know how to solve this? I googled hours but can´t find the solution. Would apreciate some help.

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  • These days, distributing executables is hard, basically because they have such enormous permissions by default that they're pretty dangerous to run. Digitally signing the executable will help, but that involves purchasing a code-signing certificate and using some developer tools to sign it.

    This is why it's better to publish either a UWP app (Microsoft Store) or publish to HTML5, which both have different and better permissions models that are secure by default, so you don't get similar warnings.

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