How do I export a project for raspberry pi 4 ?

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  • Hello,

    I already read all the content that I found on this forum about this subject, but i didnt find a solution (I also read Ashley's post about running C3 on Raspberry pi 4, and the NW.js part of the manual).

    I want to export a project and make it run on a raspberry pi 4 without uploading the projet somewhere. In this case, I export it with "NW.js" and selcted Linux32 (my Rasp4 runs with the latest version of Rasbian).

    Unfortunately, I dont know what to do with all the exported files in order to launch the game.

    C3 works perfectly on the pi4 : I created the project directly on the pi4 and also exported it on the pi4 and retrieve it through Onedrive.

    I found this post on the forum :

    I followed everything listed in it (including the "chmod a+x" thing) but it seems that the exported files do not includes any executable file for the game.

    I did not find any recent information on this subject and I dont know what remains up to date.

    here are the files that the NW.js (Linux 32) export gives me (my project's name is "test2") :

    - 3 folders : "Lib", "locales", "switshader"

    - icudtl.dat

    - nacl_helper (shared library)

    - nacl_helper_boostrap (executable)

    - natives_blob.bin

    - nw_100_percent.pak

    - nw_200_percent.pak

    - package.nw

    - resources.pak

    - test2 (its a "shared library" file, not an executable)

    - v8_contaxt_snapshot.bin

    I am a total Linux beginner and I dont know what thoose files are and how i can use them in order to launch the game on the raspberry pi 4.

    If someone knows more about this, it would be very helpful !

  • It might be easier to export as html5, host the files on the net, and browse the game in Chrome.

    You should be able to install it as a Progressive Web App.

    Works in Ubuntu distros at least.

  • Thank you for the advice !

    My goal is to create a portable device that will launch the game on startup and without any internet connexion.

    I dont know how the PWA works for now, do you think that its possible to preload the app once in order to use it in the browser offline ?

  • Yes, they are designed to work offline. No idea if that is made to work indefinitely however.

    Getting it to run on startup would be a bit more complicated, but its Linux so just about any customisation is doable.

  • Thank you, I will try to understand how it works. This could be a great alternative to NW.js.

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  • Yes, by far the easiest way is a HTML5 export (which also works offline).

    NW.js for Linux is build for the x86 chip architecture (as used by most PCs), but the Raspberry Pi has an ARM chip. So NW.js would have to be recompiled for the ARM architecture. That is a big and very complex project, and I don't know if anyone has tried that yet.

  • Let's talk about my own approach:

    Raspberrypi4B + apache2 + Chromium + HTML5

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