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    why i have problems only with apple devices? Before I had to give up an important section of my game (on android the user can calmly load the music on his device, because android reads WEBM OPUS audio files with his eyes closed, and instead on ipad and iphone IT DOESN'T WORK! A codec used for 10 years and by them it does not WORK! then I try to export my project to xcode, I start it is ... It happens that it stays like this for years! but why do I always have problems with Apple ??? Why? Can someone help me please?

    ps, log console:

    IAB.close() called but it was already closed.

    2021-06-02 09:56:32.047158+0200 Brick Dance[1697:30285] WARN: no native wasm support detected


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  • Construct only supports iOS 12+. The error "no native wasm support detected" appears to indicate you're trying to run it on iOS 10 or older.

  • thanks, at least I understand why. Big Apple company, even here in Italy it is very popular. But how many problems guys! but how many problems!

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