How do I export my game into a working Android APK installation file?

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  • Hi thanks for the info. I have not done any new changes other than disabling the browser toggles.

    Here is a link to the last saved project file.

    Please let me know if you find anything. I feel it is something wrong with C3 export from my side, since I had sent you the same file as I had before and it exported fine for you, but not for me.

  • seems like some export problem on your side.

    try to export the game as "debug apk" and see if there is any difference.

    if this doesn't work then download my project file and test it by exporting.

    also what version of construct 3 are you using?

  • Im very new to Construct 3. Not sure if there are different versions of it as all I can see is that it's accessible using Web browser.

    This game is the first game that I helped my daughter make watching an online tutorial. But once finished having issues on export =)

    I'm exporting the project as Android Cordova.

    As for the runtime Construct 2, when I exported with that setting in the beginning, I wasn't able to install my APK file. Once I changed to Construct 3 runtime, it worked.

  • if you are using it in browser that means you have latest version.

  • Would plugins or extensions in Google Chrome cause any problems or conflicts for C3 project export?

    Is there any additional support service given by Construct 3 development team for subscribers?

  • did you tried exporting through mine project file? does it has the same issue?

    I don't think some extensions might cause any issue with the export. still try exporting with some other browser to see if there is any difference.

    construct team does provide support if you have any issues, just make sure you know more than basics of construct, so I'll be easy for you to understand what they want you to do, instead of just sending emails back n forth when you get confused , because you can solve most of the problems if you go through the manual and understand the engine.

    also as I saw your project file I didn't notice any specific thing which can cause such delay in loading time and the connection error. just try exporting in android cordova as "debug apk" instead of "signed apk" and do check the "hide status bar" if want to hide notification bar.

    if this still doesn't work if you allow then I would like to take a look at the system with TeamViewer.

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  • Hi, apologize for the delay in updating you. I was waiting to get someone's laptop to try and export it from there. I did that and saw it exported fine on other computers. So the issue was with my laptop. I will just keep it this way for now since it is still the beginning of the course. When I need to export the apps, I will do it on another pc.

    Thanks again for all the help and time!

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