How do I export my game on Linux/Chrome?

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  • Hello everyone,

    i am using Ubuntu and Chromium to run Construct 3 but everytime i want to export a project it exports the following files:

    - appmanifest.json

    - data.json

    - index.html

    - offline.json

    - style.css

    - sw.js

    - workermain.js

    That's all.

    In my eyes all images and runtimes are missing - where do i get them?

    The index.html is require a style.css (missing) some icons (missing) a scripts/supportcheck.js (missing) scripts/offlineclient.js (missing) scripts/main.js (missing) scripts/register-sw.js (missing)...

    So in my eyes it's technically impossible to run the exported game.

    Is this a problem with linux and chromium or have i missed something? What i need to do to get the game working?

  • Export with the NW.js option and make sure one of the Linux platforms is selected. It exports more files than the ones you stated.

  • Hi, I'm trying to get a working version of LINUX export for my game.

    I'm exporting it to NW.js and I get:

    - lib (folder)

    - locales (folder)

    - swiftshader (folder)

    - chrome_crashpad_handler

    - icudtl.dat

    - nacl_helper

    - nacl_helper_bootstrap

    - nw_100_percent.pak

    - nw_200_percent.pak

    - package.nw

    - resources.pak

    - Swimming

    - v8_context_snapshot.bin

    ('Swimming' is the name of my project)

    But unfortunately, it's not working on my Raspberry Pi4.

    I've read some other topics here, but they are mostly closed for being inactive for over a year :C

    As I understand (and I don't think I understand much) this set of files would work on a Linux, but not on Raspbian, is that correct?

    I've seen posts of people figuring out that the "NW" was the file needed to make the game run, but I have no such file in my extracts. The package.nw is a compressed bunch of files (when I double click it, it opens as if it's a .zip file). The Swimming file there is a "shared library" according to the info on the Raspberry Pi4 and even trying to run 'chmod a+x Swimming' doesn't make it into an executable file.

    The same export works fine on the MacBook I have here (if the mac64 folder is extracted on the MacBook) and it runs perfectly (way better than on browser), but unfortunately I really need the Raspberry Pi4 to run it (for GPIO buttons setup we have here).

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Or is there no way to make this work?

    Thanks in advance!

  • AFAIK NW.js does not support Linux on ARM chips, and the Raspberry Pi uses an ARM chip. It only works on Intel-based chips such as those commonly found in PCs and laptops. Raspberry Pis come with Chromium though so web exports can be run in the browser.

    Also on Linux the name of the executable file is the name of your project ("Swimming" in this case).

  • Ah, I see!

    NW.js does not support Linux on ARM chips

    Is there any format that does?

    I tried exporting it to HTML5 and it doesn't really do the trick (and that's probably on me...).

    If I export as HTML5 and upload it to a host (Netlify, for instance) it doesn't really load, most of the time. Whenever it DOES load, it crashes in two seconds.

    If I export as HTML5 and transfer the files to the Raspberry Pi4 and open it there with Chromium, it tries to load and then crashes with the message "something went wrong :P" or the like.

    I guess it might be related to the background of the game being a pretty big sprite (it's an animated SEA, top down, so it has to be a sprite). I tried it on a blank background and it works a bit better so I guess I need to optimize my design?

    Any good ways to have big animated images? I can't have it look too tiled, or it will ruin the experience we're going for...

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  • Ok! I managed to reduce the images a lot and separate them into smaller pieces.

    It was GREATLY reduced, so now it works on browser!

    I exported it to HTML5 and uploaded to a server (Netlify, as suggested by Construct) and I can run it perfectly on my MacBook (on Safari).

    So I decided to move forward with the project. Since it "has" to be on the Raspberry Pi4, I moved the .zip file downloaded from Construct (with the HTML5 package in it) over to the Pi and extracted it there.

    When I double-click the index.html, the browser comes up (Chromium) the Construct icons pop up and.... black screen. For ever, by the way. I left it for a loooong time and nothing. Then I did the same on the MacBook, extracted the .zip, double clicked the index.html and same result. Black screen.

    I then tried using the Netlify version (since it's deployed somewhere, maybe that would be a difference) and the Chromium on the Raspberry Pi4 doesn't handle it. it tries to run, it loads but every other frame in animations are black (which made my BG blink on and off like crazy) the sound is super choppy and the whole system becomes extremely sluggish and unresponsive.

    I can't really figure out what am I doing wrong.

    Any ideas? And how to fix it?

    Also, is there a way to "make the HTML5 folder into an executable" or something, that I didn't do? (So that it would consider as if it's deployed and run, or something like that?)

    Thanks once again! :D

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