How do I export my game??

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  • I keep getting "Export Failed" - with no other messages. I am exporting NWjs. Current version. I have one line of Javascript for fullscreen.

    I tried Minify to none and it still fails.

  • Try saving a copy of your project, deleting everything (or possibly suspect parts) out of it, and seeing if you can export.

    After you using any particularly large project files?

  • Press F12 and check the browser console for a more detailed error message.

  • okay when I retried earlier today it worked with Minify off. I must have had it set to Simple before when it failed.

    I assume its my javascript event.

    Maybe its a renaming thing?

    var ngui = require('nw.gui');
    var nwin = ngui.Window.get();

    should I be using 'externalLibrary[]' on this?

  • just to make sure I removed all javascript and it still failed with Simple and Advanced minifying. It also takes a very long time to fail.

    Ashley I hit F12 - it looks like there's an issue with an array? I don't recognize it.

  • It looks like Closure Compiler is throwing errors trying to process your JavaScript code. See the scripting guide on using advanced minification, since there are some changes you may need to make to use advanced minification.

  • Ashley would this still be a problem if I commented out all the js? afaik all javascript that I have written has been disabled and I still got these compile errors. Also even Simple minification fails.

  • I can't tell. The error refers to things like _sort_row_name, which isn't part of Construct, it must be something you added to your project. I guess it might also be a broken third-party addon.

  • Ashley oh no! its probably Rex's CSV plugin... ugh! Even though I really love that plugin, I knew someday it would burn me.

    how necessary is Adv Minification for deploying to Steam? Is it just some steps at protection so people can't cheat or hack the game?

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  • Although, wait, I compiled with Adv Minification in July, so unless something changed since then with the minification process, I'd have to look to see what I added since then... I would not have added any 3rd party, since the only one I use is Rex's CSV

  • A few months ago we switched to Closure Compiler for minifying JavaScript code. That post explains a small number of differences with the new minifier and advises plugin developers that they may need to make a few simple changes to support it.

    Minification isn't essential, you can still publish unminified, and it would probably still be difficult to cheat or reverse engineer the game. Minifying is an optimisation (reducing the script size), and just raises the bar even higher for cheating/reverse engineering - but still doesn't make it impossible.

  • okay that explains it, I think I can live without minification - it just sounded like it was needed. thanks.

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