Export c3 project to iPhone for testing (Not Publishing)

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  • Hi

    I have been all day looking at tutorials and staff but most of them they dealing with Publishing the Games to the stores I'm still confused like at the beginning as I just wanna test for now on the devices to check the real performance (Not Publishing). I have many questions I hope someone can give me a hand and guide me in the right direction.

    -I'm using the C3 build service and has two options (Cordoba &

    Xcode) which one do I have to choose

    -Do I need developers account for just testing the devices (not


    -The same as above Do I need a Mac for just testing the devices (not


    -If I can use windows Pc how can I install the zip.File that gives c3 --

    exporter after exporting and install it directly to the iPhone and test it

    -Is there any tutorial around that I missed showing how to export and test on devices

    -Installing and testing on the devices does it give 100% accurate performance not estimate like c2 does? Meaning those results will be accurate and will be the same as if you have published to the store

    Sorry for too many questions but I'm completely new to this

  • I am also interested in an answer to all these questions!

  • If you just want to test, why not use Remote Preview?

  • If you just want to test, why not use Remo te Preview?

    Yeah Ashley thanks but that is what I been using for a long time the c2 Remote Preview , The Remote Preview from c3 it takes very very long time for me to load is not very suitable at the moment if you wanna make quick changes to test things quickly Plus scan the link every time etc...., the construct 2 in the other hand is perfect it loads straight away doesn't matter how big is the size of the project.

    But the real issue why I wanna test on phones without the Remote Preview is that I'm having some trouble to debug performance as sometimes it will give good performance and sometimes the same capx without changing anything at all it will give a completely different performance so I thought maybe by testing directly on the phone will give more accurate results just to make sure that I'm going in the right direction to avoid big surprise at the end and spend les time worring about the results from c2 Remote Preview as is sllowing me down quite a lot, I thought testing directly on the phones without Remote preview is the most correct and most used method by collegues here on the forum? unless I misunderstood something

  • I am also interested in an answer to all these questions!

    I saw many people asking the same question but there is no concrete answer, lets see if someone can give us a hand

  • Hi Ashley,

    Remote preview is great, but doesn't cover everything.

    What if you're having trouble getting the web bars to disappear, despite using fullscreen etc.?

    What if, as previously mentioned, you want to test the performance/feel of a native application?

    Most obviously (I think), what if you just want to walk away from the computer with the app on your phone so that you can show/share with other people?

    Also, if you ultimately want to publish to iOS, you need to know sometime!

  • Ashley - could you please reply to this OP's questions?

    Building for Android is pretty straight forward. Just sign the release. Bam. Works perfect.

    However, iOS is a bit more involved. I can't get my app to open in Xcode, it won't run on my device... I cannot find a good guide for C3 and IOS specifically. Please help ASAP!

  • Hi,

    I'm in the same situation and also keen to get an answer on this one.


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  • OK - this is a real ball-ache and has taken me about a month to work out, so I'm certainly no expert and others will be able to help in greater detail, but...

    Go to:

    • Menu > Project > Export > iOS(Cordova)
    • Check any of the three Export Options you want.
    • Next > Next
    • ...progress bar...
    • Export finished! > Download the (app name).zip
    • Go to: https://build.phonegap.com/apps (create Adobe ID if you haven't got one)
    • At https://build.phonegap.com/apps select the private tab
    • Upload your .zip file and build (you'll need a .p12 certificate and a .mobileprovision file - details here: http://docs.phonegap.com/phonegap-build/signing/ios/)
    • Once the build is complete, download the .ipa file
    • Plug your iPhone into your mac and open the iPhone in iTunes
    • Drag the .ipa file onto your phone in iTunes and the app will be installed.

    Hope this helps...

  • Damnit, I don't want to use phonegap! I want to use the Construct 3 build process I paid for!

    Grrrrr, but thanks for the tip.

  • Well, I'm dumb.

    I broke down my app which took so far 5 hours or so.... My app does indeed start.

    However, my player object has an initial health of 0. So it dies. This happens BEFORE the Startup events ran. This causes my app to freak out and break.

    By simply setting the players health initially in his instance variable, the code no longer breaks, and it's working with Construct 3 Export to Xcode, running on iOS 11.2

  • ...Construct 3 Export to Xcode, running on iOS 11.2

    Can you give us noobies a how to on what to do in xCode to get it ready for the app store once it is opened in xCode?

  • > ...Construct 3 Export to Xcode, running on iOS 11.2


    Can you give us noobies a how to on what to do in xCode to get it ready for the app store once it is opened in xCode?

    Hi Boxels Have you tried this tutorial


  • Learning Xcode is pretty complicated, to be honest. It took forever to get just the Icon build right..

    Good luck. You can follow pretty much any xcode guide once you get it ported over.


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