My experience : Invisible text in an array and a variable

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  • Hi, I am forced to go through a translator I would like to share my experiences because I put like no less than 6 hours to understand what was happening to me.

    I explain to you,

    I made sure that from my applications we can register an account locally that will create a text file that can be modified later.

    I then made sure that at the start of the scene this famous text file is read by the application and the stock in an array.

    The text file looks like this:

    Account Name





    Very well at the start of the scene Ajax recovers the file then the stock in a table with tokenat (AJAX.LastData, i, "|"), then I define my variables in relation to their positions in the table. debug I see that the variables have taken their value.

    Then came this famous bug when I put a condition of the type (example the account name is: racaillou).

    If the variable name of account = racaillou (racaillou is currently in the Array and in the variable name of account).

    Can not pass conditions yet when I went into the debug mode that I clicked on the variable that contains racaillou and that I support input it passed true, so I undertook to placed a text entry to see if the variables did not contain spaces or other.

    Like the text entry simply displayed my variable nothing more.

    I then try a lot of things until replace (Array.At (2.0), Newline, "").

    So in the array at positions 2.0 you look for Newline and you replace with nothing.

    And indeed there was NewLine that the operator | to create it.

    I hope this topic will help some people who have a similar problem.

    I'd like to know if Scirra was in the ability to tell us these invisible characters in the engine in any way.

    Thank you for your understanding I hope I have been clear in my explanations

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