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  • Hello! Im very new to programing, im more of an illustrator myself;; So sorry in advance if i struggle to pick up your answers;; I want to make a game similar to BitLife. on the main screen, theres a text box that expands as you progress through the year, and the player can scroll up to review what theyve previously done. i understand the concept of making a regular, static dialoug box when interacting with NPCs in a platformer, but i cant figure out how to make an expanding text, nor how to swipe to scroll menus. can anyone explain this to me?

  • Try using the text input object, set to read only. You can change the appearance with the set css action. To add lines, use the append text action to add newline&"text".

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  • Text input may be ok for prototyping, but I would suggest using text or spritefont for the real game. You can create a new text object for each message and pin them to a large panel for scrolling. Check out this demo.

  • dop2000 Thank you so much!! this is a HUGE life saver!

  • dop2000 im sorry, but i cant find this option?

    i assumed it was "pin to object", but it doesnt have the same options as the example.

    im at a loss of where this is hiding

  • My demo is for construct 2, maybe that's why you don't see these options. Try saving it as Construct 3 project and make sure you have selected Runtime=Construct 3 in project settings, in Advanced tab.

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