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  • Is there a way to insert an exit point in an event sheet to prevent code execution beyond a certain point?

    Also, any advice on how to troubleshoot a project that doesn’t completely load? The project runs fine in all desktop browsers but when loading on iOS (iPad), loading stalls at about 75%.

  • OK, it seems the problem is sounds. Using the default import option, sounds are added to the project in webm format. When I delete the imported sounds from the project, it loads on iOS as expected. Is there an alternate sound format I can use? Or do sounds need to be formatted in some specific way before import?

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  • Looks like iOS just doesn't like the webm format? Changing to m4a appears to allow the project to completely load.

    Still wondering about my first question: is it possible to exit out of an event sheet?

  • Hello netdzynr,

    the only way that comes in my mind is to create a group at the end of your code. Since the code is executed from top to bottom, you only have to insert a condition before the group that deactivates this group.

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