How to exclude huge sprite from export, for the load it on runtime?

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  • Hi there!

    I making a game where I using big sprites for backgrounds.

    That's backgrounds are different and it takes about 40MB size of the exported file.

    For html5 export that's bad because the game loads all layouts at once and then starts.

    I have an idea to skip these backgrounds and load them in runtime for each level with a custom preloader, that less than 1MB and will be a good result.

    But, that's background is part of the level and I use invisible colliders over that background.

    If I totally remove the background I can's set colliders in the right way.

    The best solution for me has something like a commented sprite just viewed in the viewport but excluded from export, and the super solution has sprite marked as doesn't load it on game preload, only for custom event loading.

    Have any ideas on how to do that?

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