How many events can construct 2 handle??

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  • I did my calculations, my game is gonna end up having more than 45,000 events.

    because of events like (experience needed)

    For example, like I have 15 skills, skill max level is 1000. And it requires experience to level up.

  • Construct 3 & Construct 2 & even Construct Classic can handle enough for most 2D games.

    You're doing something wrong, because the amount of skills & levels hardly influences the amount of events you need.

  • Yeah I am doing something wrong.

    Its the experience required that is the problem.

    Text Level = 0

    exp is greater or equal to 180 - add 1 to Level

    subtract 180 from exp

    and level 2

    text level = 1

    exp is greater or equal to 216 - add 1 to level

    subtract 216 from exp

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  • If you're creating RPG game I suggest you get familiar with math (you will need to come up with formulas), functions, Arrays, Dictionaries, XML & etc. :)

    That's a lot of work with data.

    I could give you away the answer, but you need to understand what you're getting into first.

    Find a way to create infinite level up using no more than 1 event which calls 1 function. If you understand this you will likely understand the rest as well.

  • i'll look into the Dictionaries :) and other stuff

  • is this correct?

  • is this correct?

    Are you going to repeat these actions 1000 times? Then no, it is not correct.

    Work out some formula, for example 180+(SkillLevel*16), which will allow you to calculate the exp required for any skill level.

    And then use just one function for leveling up, not 15000 of them.

  • You should have formula for exponential growth of required experience.

    For example "NextLevelXP" = 25*NextLevel*(1+NextLevel)

  • I tried everything lol nothing works

  • Can you post the exp values for the first 10-20 levels, we may help you with the formula.

  • Level 1 requires 180 exp

    Level 2 requires 216 exp

    Level 3 requires 258 exp

    Level 4 requires 312 exp

    Level 5 requires 372 exp

    Level 6 requires 450 exp

    Level 7 requires 540 exp

    Level 8 requires 642 exp

    Level 9 requires 774 exp

    Level 10 requires 930 exp

    Level 11 requires 1116 exp

    Level 12 requires 1338 exp

    Level 13 requires 1602 exp

    Level 14 requires 1926 exp

    Level 15 requires 2310 exp

    Level 16 requires 2772 exp

    Level 17 requires 3330 exp

    Level 18 requires 3996 exp

    Level 19 requires 4794 exp

    Level 20 requires 5748 exp

  • And where did you get these values from?

  • I created this values myself

  • Best formula for level up I found for myself is in Soulsborne RPGs.

    My hopes you will understand by this example how much easier & lighter your event sheet can become if you use it smart.

    Avoid using Magic Numbers. The only spell you can cast with them on self is "Annoyance".

  • I tried that now, it ain't working

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