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  • How do you make an event based game? kind of like bitlife game, or a monopoly game where every new turn you get a random event or several random events that either gives you new values to variables or you can make choices that will add or decrease value in certain variables, i cant figure out how to do any of this and theres no tutorials about this.

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  • Like any game, this type of game is just a combination of objects, actions, and reactions. So if you break down your game into those components, you'll find it a lot easier to build, find tutorials, etc.

    Monopoly, for example:

    Objects: game board, game pieces, dice, cards, money.

    Actions: dice rolls, buying/selling property, paying money to other players or the bank.

    Reactions: roll results, player movement, landing on a game board square, earning/trading/losing property, adding/removing motels and hotels, drawing/viewing cards, earning/spending money, etc.

    Once it's broken up like this, it's a lot easier to imagine how to design each component individually than a whole game (e.g. If people are gaining/trading/losing property, we need an array to keep track of who owns what, and we need a function to modify that array).

  • brushfe Monopoly was just an example, what i need is the event card thingy at the new turn. My problem is i cant figure out how to make it.

  • Oh I see what you mean-just the event-based bit.

    A simple version could start with picking a random number, and calling a function with number as the parameter. The function contains all the different code for all the different events.

    So you'd create a Function called RandomEvent, with the parameter EventNumber. Inside that function is a series of If/Else conditions.

    If EventNumber = 1

    ---> Run the actions for Event #1


    If EventNumber = 2

    ---> Run the actions for Event #2

    And so on. Is that what you're looking to do?

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