ERROR: Unable to write to storage. The available quota may be full.

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  • Any idea why C3 keeps giving me this error whenever I launch C3: Unable to write to storage. The available quota may be full. Try freeing up storage space on your device.

    It happens when I launch C3, so nothing is even open yet. It doesn't affect working in C3. I can work on my games and save them without any issue.

    The laptop I typically use has 400+gb of available hard drive space. Another 400+gb of available external hard drive space (I have an external drive always attached - Velcroed to the top of the laptop) And I have at least 9gb of space on the G-drive where I save all the games.

    Oddly it doesn't happen on my little Win10 Tablet/Laptop which only has 16bg of hard drive space which is nearly full.

    I get this error when I'm using the browser version or the desktop version of C3. Though I typically use Chrome, it also happens in IE, FF, & Opera browsers.


  • It's hard to tell why this would be happening. Here are a few guesses...

    Do you have any browser extensions installed? Does disabling them help?

    Are you using private browsing mode?

    If you press F12 are there any errors in the browser console?

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  • Well the error refers to the storage specifically in your browser, and is not impacted by the total free space on your hard-drive.

    You can already free up some storage by checking the export manager ( and deleting previous exported projects you already have downloaded.

    You can then check your browser's options and try to access its own storage management features. An online search can help you find those, accordingly to the browser you are using.

  • This happened right after the last Win10 update, I wonder if it changed some browser settings or plugins.

    Also, I keep about 40 tabs open in Chrome. The odd thing is, it happens in all the other browsers where I don't have any tabs open. Maybe I have my other browsers linked some how.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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