How do I make an equip screen

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  • basically in my shop you can buy swords, guns etc. then they go to equip screen and you can equip there. i have an idea of what to do but any ideas could be needed thanks. also, the main problem is that there are multiple levels in my game. lets call them Level 1, Level 2 etc. when you go to the equip screen it changes layout and pressing space leaves the equip screen. however, you need to go back to your Level, since whats the point of going back a level after equipping a sword. but there is no option to do that, there is an option to go to specific layout, go to next layout but none for what i need

    any ideas thanks?

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  • There's a couple of ways to achieve this

    1. after you press the equip button layers with the equip info are made visible. You can have a global boolean that toggles when this happens which in turns stop all other parts of the game while equipping. You could also set the time scale to 0. Read a little more here.
    2. save the state of your level, go to another layout where you equip. When you return you load the state again. This all depends how much work you need to do to save the state as is.
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