How do I enhanced multiplayer game (pong switching sides)?

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  • Hello I would like to ask about multiplayer game pong (using official template from C3).

    When you join a game as host you are at the left side of the screen, then another player (peer) will be on the right side. Both host and peer see host on the left and peer on the right, how can I change it that every time player locally see yourself on the left side and opponent will be on the right side (no matter if the player is host or peer)? Is there any function or trick how to do it, because in multiplayer games it is basic thing.

    For example when I take that pong and modify it for portrait orientation, then I want to be that player at the bottom every time, it is weird to control paddle at top, also when I want to add some HUD power-ups buttons to the bottom I need for both players (host and peer) to show that player and others stuff (locally) at the bottom and opponent at the top. So for peer it must be somehow switched.

    Thank you very much for help I thing it is essential for multiplayer games.


  • It is no problem, but it will be a large modification. Basically you will no longer use the sync action to position the objects, because the objects will not be at the same place on either player's screen.

    You need to position the sprites manually on host and peer, based on the inputs that are received from the other player. You will also need to do your own lag interpolation from events, and add your own position corrections to keep the games in sync.

  • I know it is a lot of work and is inappropriate for ask but is there someone who can modify C3 template to this type? I really even cant imagine how to make it.

    Thank you for answer.

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  • Anyone any help? I will be really glad :))) I thing it is common thing in multiplayer games so it will be also good example for everyone.

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