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  • Hello,

    I'm working on implementing some spawners that can spawn certain enemies every seven seconds. However, I'm having problems making the spawners reset if that makes sense. I want the seven second timer to reset if the player is not on the screen where the spawners are.


  • Spawn the enemies using a trigger such as enemy spawner is on screen etc. Then also start a timer on the spawner using timer behaviour which spawns more enemies and repeats. Stop the timers when the enemy spawners are not on screen.

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  • Thanks! My enemy spawners are off-screen, but maybe I'll make invisible objects that are on screen that are connected to the spawners or something.

  • Yep just use a trigger rather than the system every X seconds. One where you can start the process again. I didn't see how you were doing the camera but maybe it can link in to that, on entry to that 'room' you could say.

  • Awesome. Thank you!

  • I used a timer and the on-screen event to put this together, but the enemies aren't spawning. I did some testing and the timer is running, but nothing is spawning when the timer is up.

  • This event shows the timer starting every tick so it's never going to finish. You just need one timer since the enemies spawn at the same time, so no need to use for each. You should have 'enemyspawner is on screen : start timer (with a trigger once)' but the timer can be on a random object. Then you say 'on timer : for each enemy spawner : spawn enemy'.

  • Got it all working! Thank you so much for your help!

  • Nice :)

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