how do I make a enemy fire when another enemy animation ends?

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  • hi everyone I making a game where you shoot space ships nothing to complex but I want to make it when an enemy space ship is going to shoot it spawns another object an animated countdown timer and when the animation ends the ship will fire like in virtua cop.

    seems simple enough right? so I have the enemy fighter spawn the countdown timer object

    and then set an instance variable in the countdown timer to the enemy ship UID

    I then asked that when the animation on the countdown timer ends if the enemy ship has the same UID as the countdown UID it will fire but it does not seem to work

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  • Change the second condition on your last screenshot. Currently it picks Obj_Energy_Countdown_Timer instance. You need to pick the ENM_Fighter instance. So change it to this:

    ENM_Fighter pick by unique ID = Obj_Energy_Countdown_Timer.Enemy_UID


    Another option is to add both objects to a container. You will not need the variable, just keep the countdown object invisible when the ship is not firing.


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