Enemy Ai, capx attatched. Really struggling

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  • Hello, Thanks for the help with this one. I have been at this for hours and getting really fed up with it.

    Basically, when the player is 70 pixels or further, I want the zombie to walk to the player. Also when the player is to the right of the zombie, I want the zombie to walk to him.

    I have an issue with the whole event,i have done something similar on a training game before and it worked. But not this time. The first capx is the game in question. The second cap was the game where it actually worked.

    I have no clue what I am doing and trial and error is not working. I think this a knowledge gap or inexperience with events. Any help would be appreciated. Enemy AI is going to be a big part of the game, so I want to be doing things right in the first instance.


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  • Hmm... maybe have the distance event be a subevent or it's own all together. Also you can try to set direction towards player. Good luck

  • Thanks Mike. All sorted now. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to add events. Getting easier though :-)

  • you're welcome! Glad it worked out and yes I know the struggle lol

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