Endless Runner (Random Coins on platform)

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  • Hello guys,

    I am fairly new to the whole construct and game making in general. So a few stuff I may not know wording wise.

    I have looked at other posts that seem to be what I am after explaining how to do it. But I either don't understand what they mean/saying explain how to do it. Or I would follow along and it wouldn't work.

    I basically have a endless runner (the template) I am trying to make coins randomly spawn on the platform throughout the endless runner.

    CAPX - dropbox.com/s/vdyakq7xel446 ... s.c3p?dl=0

  • dropbox -- /s/vdyakq7xel446xt/Endless_Runner_Xmas.c3p?dl=0

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  • For you to take an unedited template and then for me to add to it so it now does something else doesn't really help you in learning how to use the engine. Also 'random' is used several time in this game already. The way I would do it is to set the coin as a bullet the same as the platform and then when you create the block you create a coin, it's as simple as that. If it needs to be more random than this then when the block is created you could create a number of coins at the height (just above) the block and wait a random number of seconds, this would create the illusion of randomly created coins.

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