enable/disable physics collisions for a specific instance only

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  • Hey, I am working on a pinball game and having problems disabling physics collision for just one instance of the ball (it is possible to have 3 balls in game) since the enable/disable collision works the entire object by construct design, is there a way to disable collisions so balls can pass under the tunnel and up the ramp but not affect each other?

    (it works great for one ball but when 3 balls are on the field the collisions i disabled for the ball to go up the ramp are also disabled for the other balls and they can go out of the map)

  • It's not an ideal solution, but you can create several ball objects - ball1, ball2, ball3 - and add them to a family. Configure all behaviors and instance variables on the family level, and use the family in all events.

    You should be able to disable collision for each ball then.

  • Hey Dop, thanks for the reply I really appreciate it.

    this was also my only idea to solve this problem, but there are a lot of behaviors and functions that use the ball and changing them all is something I'm trying to avoid.

    I guess if no other solution is found this would be the next step.

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  • Wow that sure made it quicker, thanks a lot I think I got it down, just some adjustments to make and I think it will work great!

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