How do I eliminate hang time?

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  • C3/Mobile Game/Win10

    My sprites are set to create and fall every X seconds. The sprites are created right on time, but they hang there for a second or 2 before falling. I am using the bullet behavior.

    Normally the sprites are above the screen so no one sees the delay and it wouldn't matter, but .... there is a crow that flies in from the left that has the same issue. The crow is also created off screen, but he has a boulder that he drops. The boulder is set to unpin and drop randomly between 1 & 3 seconds - and because of this delayed start many times the crow and boulder are created on time, but the boulder drops before the crow even enters the view screen.

    I need to eliminate the hang time / delay time. The sprites need to move as soon as it's create. Is that possible?

    (I moved everything on screen for the video)

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  • You'll need to post your project file so people can analyse what your events are doing and offer corrections.

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