Element visibility with attached event sheet.

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  • Ok, this is a bit complicated but here goes.

    I have two layouts with event sheets, Login and Create Account. Attached to both of these is just an event sheet, Ajax Handler. If I try to change an element on either layout from Ajax handler, it has no problem. I can make text invisible or change it's colors, etc. HOWEVER, if, in the Ajax Handler I tell it to go to either of those layouts, the Ajax Handler is no longer able to affect the layout it switches to.

    For example:

    If I'm in the Create Account layout and in the Ajax Handler I tell it to play a fade on a Create Account layout, it works.

    If I'm in the Login layout and tell the Ajax Handler to play a fade on a Login layout text, that works.

    If I'm in the Create Account layout, tell it to switch to the Login layout and play a fade on the Login layout, it doesn't work.

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  • And here's a guess as to why this doesn't work:

    I've tried changing the element both before and after switching layouts and neither works. SO...

    Once you tell an event to do a layout switch, any subsequent commands on that event are ignored (which would suck).

    Or, if you tell it to change an element before the switch, it can't see that element because it's not on the correct layout (which I assume is correct) even though it's attached to both layouts.

    That a good guess?

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