How do I edit my game to affect an older version save game?

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  • So, something interesting is happening, my game is using a save game system based on the "save state" event that Construct offers, but let's say that I want to add ANOTHER treasure chest for example (I say "another" because the map already has one), so I add a second one, and then I build this new version of the game, so I open the new version built, and when I load my game state, the second treasure chest isn't created... But then here's what I find interesting: If I create a completely NEW object (instead of placing another treasure chest, which is already in the game files) and place it on the map, this object WILL be loaded in my old save game, so how does this works? Why does this happen? Why adding another instance of the same object that is already within the game doesn't work and adding a completely new object does work?

    My goal is to add the second treasure chest and make it correctly spawn on previous versions save games, so what can I do to make it correctly spawn?

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