How do I edit C3 settings to save *multiple* backups?

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  • I feel like C2 used to allow me to keep several (configurable number in settings) auto-backups of my project. Didn't it? How do I do this in C3? I was working on my game yesterday, I closed my laptop which makes it sleep, I opened it this morning and my layout is completely gone! I can open the file, but it's completely empty now. Why?!?! So I opened the single auto-backup project and the layout is completely blank there too. So where are my other several timed backups? One of them must surely have my layout intact so I can recover right?

    If this is not a feature and will never be a feature, how do I maintain my source so I can recover from random crashes and vanishing code like above?

    Thank you for helping :-)

  • Cloud storage services like Dropbox usually offer 30 days or so of file history, so you can roll back a file to any time in the past few weeks. So if you set up backups to cloud you can use their rollbacks.

  • The current C3 "auto-backup" feature is not useful. It auto-saves over the same file at an interval over and over. So you would only have the ability to recover as long as your crash or code issue occurs before the next auto-save. Didn't (doesn't) C2 save multiple timed versions? Or am I think of another game dev tool?

    Why can't C3 existing auto-backup just add a timestamp to the filename so we can have lots of versions immediately available in the event of what just happened to me? This is a trivial code change.

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  • Cloud services already let you do that. You can roll back the version of the same file.

  • Ok thank you. I'll look into it. Hopefully Google Drive does this. This is the one I pay for.

  • Yes Google Drive has file versioning too. Thanks! :-)

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