How is the easiest way to post a screenshot of my C3 projects?

  • How is the easiest way to post a screenshot of my Construct 3 projects on a forums topic? I have some projects I wanted to share but I don't know how to post screenshots. Thank you

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  • screencast or screentogif there is a app that automatically taks a screen capture of your screen or makes agif then automatically uploads it to cloud and u can use the link from there and use [ url = http://some.tld/file ] some text [ / url ] with no spaces between the square brakets

    or [ img = url of image ]

    if u want to use the print screen button on keyboard then upload to google drive then u use the link from google drive and take the id of the file ex:

    and put it in the following link [img = 0B0lqVR-ryWBQcjJQTS1Ta0NLdXc]

  • You can host screenshots using (

    Since I use a Mac, I save the file to the desktop, and upload it into the forums using the camera icon in the reply window.

  • If you just want to take a screenshot (single frame) of your project, another simple way is to click on 'Debug Layout' under the 'Play' button in the editor and then on the upper right of the debug window there is a camera icon, if you click that it will take a screenshot of the preview window and download it.

  • Thanks, guys. I'll see what I can do.

  • Windows 10? Windows button, then Print screen button.

    Then take a look in the Pictures folder.

    Ta da.

  • That should work newt. I have a Windows 7. Thank you.

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