Is there an easier way to put things in order?

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  • C3/Mobile App.

    Can I get some help thinking this through?

    I am making simple language apps. In these apps the player has to put the words in order to make a sentence.

    At the moment I do this by having image blocks (img1, img2 ...) and text blocks (txt1, txt2 ...)

    So txt1 must cover img1 and so on and so forth. When the text blocks all cover the correct image blocks they player gets an arrow to go to the next level. It's a quick and dirty setup, but it means I am constantly resizing the img blocks to fit the words, which is a pain AND it's a hint to what comes next.

    What I'd really like is away for the player to just put the words in order without the blocks behind them. Is there anyway to setup this to tell C3 that txt1 goes first and txt2 is next and txt3 is after that and keep going until they are all lined up in order?

    The other problem is every sentence is a different length and the words need to be able to fit anywhere on a line (or area) so the player can put them in the wrong order - the player needs to be able to be wrong so they can figure out how to make the sentence.

    Any thoughts on how to get C3 to realize txt1 is first, txt2 is second and so forth?


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  • Here you go:

    I should add this example to the website :)

  • dop2000,

    Oh that's amazing! Thank you.

    And yes, that should go on the site - that's a great example.

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