How do I drive over a wedge that is a 3d shape ?

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  • Edit- I had incorrectly remembered the name of the "3D Shape" object as "3D Object" which was an incorrect information and I was not able to post my results at 12/3/22 but I would gotten 74% at mine maximum.

    I had made changes to the Ghost Racer template in which after the player collides with an 3d shape that turns into a wedge but the racer instead of driving over that wedge goes inside it(I made this project to revise for my exams using games and you can copy my changes if you want but I want the player to be able to drive over the 3d shape which is a square that turns into wedge when the player comes into contact with it and above that wedge I intend to add lecture slides to be able to revise them quickly in my race, and I was not able to add lecture slides in this project because they may had been copyrighted and I will add them as soon as I will know how to solve that problem or somebody will provide me with its solution as it happens by some people in this forum and I have made this project for getting better marks in my exam and this it might help some people, I will provide the results of learning with this game soon,

    Note-Gamified Learning had improved the average marks of students from 79% to 91% in a study according to research paper from the year of 2009 and so I am eager to test that study myself,

    I will post the results soon after learning from that game and taking many practice tests before my exams within 12/03/22,


    Have a Great Day.

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