How do I use DrawCanvas for replacing paster (rojohound)?

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  • Ashley

    Hello there!

    So i have bought a jigsaw puzzle a longe time before and i need to upgrade my project which includes this game to c3 runtime to use new and stable functionalities like sharing or iframe.

    The problem: The game used the paster plugin by rojohound, and as if the most know this plugin is not supported by c3.

    No i saw, that DrawCanvas Plugin works similar and uses similar features, so i replaced the paster plugin with the DrawCanvas Plugin, but i had no success.

    Can somebody tell me if its baically possible to use DrawCanvas Plugin instead of the paster plugin or am i wrong?

    Thought it would be the officialy replacement for the paster plugin. Its very importent, because c2 doesnt support some functionalitys sice phonegap upgraded its cli to 9.0.0. And this paster plugin avoids me to upgrade to c3 (and the c3 runtime)


    Every Paster function inside the project could be replaced by the buildin DrawCanvas Plugin but it isnt working. So my question is: Is the drawcanvas plugin basically the same as the pater plugin? Or em i trapped in a dead end because this plugin is the only thing which blocks me from updating?

    Best regards,


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