draw tiles on a multi layer layout (11 layers)

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  • HI,

    New to construct 3 but been using construct 2 for a few months.

    I'm seemingly not able to draw tiles on a layout (with 11 layers) , seems like layer 0. This doesn't seem to be an issue with layouts with very few (2) layers.

    Steps i'm using:

    select the layout (with 11 layers) that's using my tilemap

    the layout has 2 tilemaps, one in layer 0, other in layer 1 - both using the same image with same dimensions

    hide all layers except the one with my tile map (layer 0)

    select the layer 0 so it is the active layer

    select the tilemap in the project window

    select it in the z order

    go to tilemap bar

    select pencil

    select any tile

    try to draw selected tile


    not able to draw on the layout

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  • I noticed i can't draw tiles over an area as long as there's something above the tilemap in the z order in the same layer. I was able to do this in construct 2. is this a bug?

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