How do I draw a square in Paster for C3?

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  • I can't seem to get my head wrapped around quads. Don't even know what quads are. Quadratic functions?

    Anyway I tried to clockwise starting from top left adding values to draw a simple square, but I can't. Tried counter clockwise, still nothing. Literally nothing being drawn.

    Anyone has any examples?

    Also is it possible for complex shapes to be drawn like circles elipses etc?

    I'm trying to do procedural genesis of different ships using Paster but I want to learn more about how this drawing works.

    Thank you

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  • Try this topic first see if you can find some examples in there for C2 or C3.

    For drawing a square ...

    so for a square to be drawn order is following x1 y1 top left, x2 y2 bottom left, x3 y3 bottom right, x4 y4 top right.

    i don't think it can do circles though, atleast i cant wrap my head around that ... is lacking explanation.

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