How do I make a Dragon Ball Game like this one?

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  • Hello everyone,how's it going?I'm here to ask how to make a game like this in Construct 2.

    This is the game I talking about:

    So,can anyone point me in the right direction?

    This will be a test for a game I want to make in the future,so can anyone help?

  • This is a turn based game. Here is how I would start.

    both players on screen. Controls for player 1 on screen, on tapping any of the controls, they disappear (so no more action buttons can be pushed).

    Then you make all the animation (damage and things) happen to player 2.

    Then you have a variable switch to 2 (switches between 1 and 2), then because it's at 2, player 2's controls would appear on screen.

    Once he takes his turn, it would just swap back to player 1. Back and forth until one dies.

    PLEASE NOTE: I see you are fairly new to Construct. I would recommend something a bit more on the easier side of things to start.

    If you need any more help, just ask!

  • Thanks for the tips,but I changed the game idea to something more simple.

    Kind of like this game called Dragon Ball Mini Warriors.

    I dropped the turn based idea for that.

    Thanks for the tips anyway.

  • This is how far I've gotten.

    I need help with the ai,having him move and be animated while doing it.

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  • Fighting game ai isn't something I'm super experienced with, but here is how I would start.

    Make a hidden sprite, pin it in front of Vegeta. When you (his enemy) aren't within his range, have him start to move toward your direction, then once in range, do something like this.

    Set move(variable) to "floor(random(1,4))"

    if move = 1:

    move forward 0.3 sec, then punch

    if move = 2:

    move forward 0.1 sec, then punch

    if move = 3:

    move forward random(0.01,0.6), then punch

    if move = 4:

    move backward 0.2

    move forward 0.8 then punch

    this would be kinda predictable, but would be a start.

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