Draggable nwjs window?

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  • Hey Guys, can any1 Show ne how can i make a frameless nwjs window that is draggable?

    I would make my own titlebar but than i cant move the window...

    Best regards, Elinox!

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  • I just saw your message, and I hope it's not too late or maybe help others in the future.

    For macOS exports (but I believe the Windows procedure is quite similar):

    1. Export your game/app;

    2. Right-click the *.app file → Show Package Contents

    3. Navigate to Contents/Resources/app.nw/index.html

    4. Open the index.html file with a code editor (Sublime Text, Atom, etc);

    5. After the <body> tag, add a <div> tag just like shown below:

    <div style="left:108px;width:490px;height:70px;position:absolute;-webkit-app-region:drag;">

    Use "left, width, height" arguments to define the position and size of your draggable area.

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