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  • Hi, I´ve got a little problem.

    I created a new closed global layer for "hud" with a "stripe" for the Tower I want to choose. Then I wanted to Drag and Drop the Towers out of the layer. Means the picture for Tower still at position and I just get the Tower on my mouse to drop it anywhere.

    There problem is when I use drag and drop it drops my picture to the final drop.

    Anyone know how to fix it?

    There is also no option to "when Stripe clicked, then creat Tower, to drop." :/

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  • problem solved.

    For everyone who has the same problem.

    you need to creat a boolean on your stripe example "build" - set to "false"

    creat an global number example "inHand_tower"

    and set up like in the picture

    creat a stripe for example "grid" to define only to place it on this stripe.

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