Drag and Drop items in Project Bar on Mobile?

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  • I've been fiddling with a little test project to get my feet wet with the engine on my PC. I moved over to my phone and cannot seem to figure out how to move items in the project bar between subfolders. I've tried tapping and dragging and double tapping and dragging. Any suggestions?


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  • Hi. Hold -> (There will be a popup) -> Create Instance.

  • Hello! Thanks for the reply, though that is not exactly what I'm having an issue with. I'm trying to take a Sprite I have in the objects folder, and move it into a subfolder within the objects folder.

  • It seems like a bug. I recommend reporting it instead:


    I myself found a bug myself, just now. There was a case where I couldn't scroll the object's popup, but is working as a standalone homescreen app.

    The mobile version is really limited, tbh. I'd only use it for tablets or event-editing, if I were you.

  • Thank you again. I really like the ability to move between devices and work on projects. That is actually the main reason I chose Construct over, say, Godot. And the simplicity of course. This just kind of makes it a little, well, tough. I really like the mobile interface a ton. It's really well laid out in my opinion, and I can see myself personally getting a fair bit of stuff done with it. Not everyone's cup of tea of course, but it'll make lunch breaks more productive for me.

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