How do I download a [small] video file to a layout during use?

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  • Hi guys,

    I have 5 layouts and each one has 7 short video clips.

    Is it possible to download video files to a layout that aren't already included in the project when it loads up?

    So for example, on user clicks on a button in session 2 (layout 2) the 7 video clips are downloaded from my database/server?

    This is so that the user doesn't have to wait 5 minutes for the Web app to load when visiting the site


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  • If you're going to be offering video-on-demand, why not just use the iframe plugin? It would be easier and no downloading involved. Just place an iframe window on the layout, along with sprite thumbnails of the videos you want to play. Then, in your event sheet, use the Navigate to URL action..

    + Touch: On touched Spr_thumb1
    -> iframe: Navigate to "https://url-of-source-video"
  • Thanks Lancifier

    Unfortunately, there is no simple way of having an end of video prompt with Iframe. I think Vimeo do it under their most expensive monthly subscription as well as it being way beyond my technical ability to incorporate that.

    I've specifically stuck with Video plug-in as it offers so many features that allow for building actions around the video playing including getting current playback time, on video finished etc

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