How Do I Download Rex Plugin From Github

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  • I am tying to convert a contruct 2 project to construct 3 and it is saying I am missing " rex_bbcodeText "

    Plugin. I Went through the forums and it says that it has been converted and I got sent here. I downloaded the zip and I cant find the Construct addon file.

    Am I missing something here? Is there a way to convert those json files into a construct 3 addon file?

  • I tried zipping it into a zip file and changing the name into a .c3addon file and when i go to addon manager it fails to install.

  • I think what people meant is that you don't need BBCode plugin in C3, because Text object now natively supports it. And I don't think C3 version of this Rex's plugin exists.

    So you need to completely remove this plugin from your C2 project, and then you will be open it in C3.

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  • Ok, I was going to end up doing that but I have no idea where this plugin is being used. I checked every object for a behavior and nothing is using it. Is there a simple way of just deleting the plugin?

  • Actually, sorry, I was wrong. C3 version does exist, but it only supports runtime 2. After you open the project, you will still need to remove the plugin, to be able to switch to runtime 3.

    Here is the download link:

  • Thanks for the download link! I can finally open the project in construct 3! You are right about needing to delete the plugin but i have no idea where its being used or how to find it. Can i just ingore it or is there a way to simple delete plugins

  • Just go through all objects, BBCode objects have an icon with two blue brackets - [ ]

    If the project is very large and you can't find them, there is a trick. Add a new BBCode Text object, name it ABC123 for example. Then create a family and add ABC123 object to it. The list on the left will show all other objects of the same type.

    Then replace them manually with Text objects one by one. After that you'll be able to switch to runtime 3 and enjoy all the new features of Construct 3.

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