Download objects for a layout only when that layout is used

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  • Hi

    So I have my project uploaded to a website.

    It has for example several levels all with different sprites/objects.

    However it takes a while to load up.

    Can I make the project only download the objects for one level / layout at a time when that levels objects are required / needed?

    Pointing me in the right direction is fine if you have a bit of an idea...


  • Construct does this by default, it loads only the objects required for the current layout.

  • Thanks mate.

    Let me expand.

    My exported project is 42mb in size. It has a progress bar to begin with.

    Ive uploaded it to my websoace but when I visit the web page it takes about 4 minutes to load on my phone or any device including my Mac.

    Now I don't want it to load everything just the first layout (main menu) and then when the person selects a level (layout) I want it to download the objects for that layout only. And I would like a progress bar for that layout as it loads too.

    This would make the process much more bearable for the user.

    Is this possible through construct???

    If it's only downloading objects for the main menu the layout is only about 5mbs in size so I'm baffled why it's taking 4 minutes to load menu...Same thing when using Google drive to host...

    Many thanks

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  • This would appear to deal with my issue. Thanks guys

  • Well, that will simply show the loader layout first, but you still have to wait there for everything to download. Construct by default loads each layout into memory as needed, but all layouts/assets have to be downloaded before you can actually play anything.

    Sometimes people confuse download with load into memory.

    There is a way to set this up differently ( by loading images and sounds via browser object ), but by default the entire game has to be downloaded before it can be played.

  • And this is my problem exactly. If there's anyone that knows a way to remedy this, i'd pay.


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